Transform Your Organization Into Trauma-Informed Champions!

Trauma-informed Champions...

  1. Recognize and acknowledge the impact of trauma on an individual's life and behavior.
  2. Use a strengths-based approach that focuses on the individual's resiliency and capacity for healing.
  3. Create a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental environment for the individual.
  4. Foster trust and establish a collaborative and consensual relationship with the individual.
  5. Empower the individual by giving them control over their treatment and supporting their self-determination.
  6. Ensure that all interactions with the individual are respectful and avoid re-traumatization.
  7. Provide education about trauma and its effects to the individual and the case management team.
  8. Use trauma-specific interventions, as appropriate, to support the individual's healing and recovery.
  9. Monitor and attend to staff well-being and seek support to prevent burnout.
  10. Be aware of and address power imbalances and privileges in the organization.

Ron Huxley can create customized training for your organization or institution to make you a "Trauma-Informed Champion"!

We will create interactive, experiential training that focuses on practical tools for each person in your organization. The training is a 2-hour to 6-hour training that can be offered in-person or via zoom.

Sample of Outcomes:

  • Reduce client re-traumatization
  • Increase positive client engagement
  • Improve staff and client resilience
  • Prevent organization burnout and vicarious trauma
  • Develop a trauma-sensitive work culture

Sample of Objectives

  • Establish a common language of Trauma and Trauma-Informed Care
  • Create a trauma lens of "problematic behaviors" and increase compassionate expectations
  • Learn the 3 Healing Strategies for helping "up-regulate" positive emotions and "down-regulate" distressing emotions
  • Explore Trauma-Informed Principles for policies and case management practices
  • Increase the knowledge of post-traumatic growth in overcoming post-traumatic stress
  • Implement a wellness toolbox for ongoing self-care based on six life domains

Ron has 30-plus years of experience and speaks nationally on trauma and anxiety. Empower your next conference, in-service, or staff training with educational and entertaining trauma principles. Email Ron at

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Trauma-Informed Champions are SAFE!

Safety is at the heart of trauma-informed care in the home or the organization. Champions use a trauma-informed lens for individuals who have experienced trauma and create an atmosphere of safety, trust, and resources for healing and hope in the principles and practices of the organization. They apply the six key principles of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA): Safety, Trustworthiness, Peer Support, Collaboration, Empowerment, and Cultural.

Trauma-Informed Champions Take Care of Themselves

Helpers are 2x as likely to develop symptoms fo PTSD and burnout at a rate faster than anyone else. Champions take care of themselves through "micro" practices in every area of their lives: Sensory, Pleasure, Mental/Master, Physical, Emotional, Social, and Spiritual. Champions learn how to develop Deep Roots of Caring.

Trauma-Informed Champions Include Everyone!

Anyone can become a Trauma-Informed Champion...everyone in the organization needs to talk the same trauma-sensitive language. Seeing the individual from a special lens helps us develop a more consistent quality of care from the first contact to the last. Trauma-informed training for your organization can include front-line workers, administrative staff, volunteers, professional positions, the board, and everyone in between. A trauma-informed champion is YOU!
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  • Ron Huxley, LMFT

    Lead Family Healer

    Ron Huxley, LMFT

    I'm Ron Huxley, your lead Family Healer. I started in an effort to reach more families who are dealing with the challenges of Trauma, Anxiety, and Parenting. My personal mission is to provide Trauma-Informed tools for individuals and organizations that can empower and transform. I am a licensed Marriage and Family with 30+ years of experience as a Clinician, Mental Health Director, and Trauma-Informed Trainer. I have 4 adult children and 4 grandchildren (so far) and I was one of the earliest adopters of online education and therapy way before it was cool or acceptable. I believe that mental health issues are the next global pandemic and we are in desperate need of the tools necessary to stop the growing dilemma of toxic stress, fear, suicide, substance abuse, violence, and hatred our world is suffering. I have a strong personal faith and I bring powerful principles for inner healing to my work as an individual therapist/trainer and online courses. Don't worry, I don't preach but I do use some universal truths to help us heal body, mind, and spirit. I hope you enjoy this course...

Praise for Ron Huxley

" I was totally blown away by the amount of material covered in this course. All major topics were clearly explained and I am very grateful for all the learning I was provided. Highly rated and will recommend to colleagues, friends, and patients. Thank you Ron for all the efforts to compile so many articles, research, videos, PDF documents, flyers, etc. I am very grateful." - An Educator

Praise for Ron Huxley

“Ron Huxley LMFT is a knowledgeable and creative child and family therapist. He has expertise in working with children and adults who have experienced trauma and loss as well as blended family issues. He is a leader in understanding and working with members of adoption constellations and family caregiving. His deep sensitivity combined with his knowledge makes him wonderful choice for families in crisis. I would recommend Ron without reservation.“ – Relindis Diaz, LMFT Infant Mental Health Specialist.

Praise for Ron Huxley

“The expert’s expert” comes to mind when I think of Ron Huxley– he has been monumental in guiding me through the growing pains of my coaching & speaking career. Ron has a way of asking just the right questions and providing just enough answers to help you discover your own path as you focus on what really matters most in your coaching practice and my parenting skills.”

Praise for Ron Huxley

“The resources and skills in the Parenting Toolbox are just the kind of help stressed-out parents need to support their children through difficult transitions. I strongly recommend the site. The solutions-based focus gets parents the help they need quickly.” – Wendy Swallow Ph.D., author “Breaking Apart: A Memoir of Divorce”

Praise for Ron Huxley

“Ron is very conscientious, ethical, knowledgeable and reliable. He possesses excellent oral and written communication skills. His orientation is client-centered and strength based.” – San Luis Obispo County Department of Mental Health

Praise for Ron Huxley

"Mr. Huxley is a true family man and has applied lessons of life to his marriage and raising his children and step-children. Being a man of faith has led him to a burden for Christian families that have gone through the process of adopting children. This also means he specializes in working with children of various background problems with attachment and trauma injuries. His Faith-based approach helps families apply spiritual truths and love to their relationship parenting issues. His thorough clinical approach to these issues brings expertise and experience to his therapeutic interventions. As a Marriage and Family Therapist, Ron uses effective family systems approaches with couples that bring marital issues into his office." – Ken Janzin, LMFT

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