Why is the Better Behavior Chart Better?

Are you tired of feeling like a referee in your own home? Do you struggle with managing your child's behavior and wish you had a more effective system in place? The Better Behavior Chart program is here to help! Say goodbye to power struggles and hello to a happier, more harmonious home. Join us today and start seeing real results!

  • Parent-centered to reduce frustration and burn-out!

  • Uses applied behavioral science that is easy to understand and use now!

  • Leverages powerful reinforcement system (similar to those used by video game designers)!

  • Based on Trauma-Informed Brain Scientific Principles of Change

  • Centers on your families core values and develops children's character and behavior!

What's in this course?

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    1. Introduction to the Better Behavior Chart Program

    2. Big, Juicy Problem Survey (optional)

    1. The Better Behavior Chart Program (On Demand Training)

    2. Why is the Better Behavior Chart Better?

    3. The Core Values Worksheet

    4. The Big, Juicy Problem Worksheet

    5. Getting Behavioral Strategies To Stick!

    6. Dealing with anger, aggression, talking back, arguing, lying, stealing, impulsivity.

    7. What about older kids?

    8. Potential Pitfalls and Problems

    1. The "DR" is in -- Differential Reinforcement that is...

    2. Practice Makes Perfect: Tools to Create New Habits

    3. Your Beautiful Brain (Neuroscience)

    4. The Sensory System: The Science of Why Your Child CAN'T Behave

    1. Boys Basic Chart

    2. Girls Mermaid Chart

    3. Boys Super Hero chart

    4. Girls Super Hero Chart

    5. Star Wars Chart

    6. Jungle Chart

    7. Older Child Behavior Chart

    8. The Better Behavior Contract (for older children)

    9. NEW: Animals Chart

    10. NEW: Nautical Chart

    11. NEW: Flowers Chart

    12. NEW: Car Chart

    13. NEW: Space Chart

    1. The Better Behavior Chart MP3 (For On The Go)

    2. Your Beautiful Brain (For On The Go)

    3. Dealing with anger, aggression, talking back, arguing, lying, stealing, hyperactivity, impulsivity.

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About this course

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  • 32 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

"I HATE Behavior Charts!"

If you are like me, you hate them because behavior charts are usually complicated, exhausting to implement, and children can manipulate around them. But applied behavioral analysis and brain science tell us they do work. What's the answer? Ron Huxley has develop a simple system that will allow you to shift the atmosphere of your home in just 24 hours! Yep, just 24 hours...

Core Values are at the heart of the program.

Most behavioral programs fail because they focus on performance and not heart-felt responsibility taking. When this is the case, you can't guarantee that your child will behave when you or another adult is not there to control the situation. It is better to teach the child to control themselves because this is what is on their heart to do... The Better Behavior Chart starts with understanding your families core values and places them at the "heart" of your parenting.

BONUS: Designer charts for children of all ages:

Certificate of Completion

Complete all the lessons and resources for each chapter and immediately receive a certificate acknowledging your work.

Want peace into your home in the next 24 hours?

Ron Huxley's popular Better Behavior Chart Program is what you need to deal with aggression, anxiety, defiance, laziness, talking back, manipulation and more...Thirty years of real life experience and cutting-edge brain science will help you bring order into your home and your life. Why wait another hour managing the chaos? Let's restart your sanity!

Praise for this course:

5 star rating

The Better Behavior Chart Program

Jim Levan

Very good training! Clear explanation of the how and why of good behavior charts!

Very good training! Clear explanation of the how and why of good behavior charts!

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5 star rating


Ron Niewald

The science was nicely balanced with faith perspective. I enjoyed your explanation of differential reinforcement and it's advantages; the bonus parenting too...

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The science was nicely balanced with faith perspective. I enjoyed your explanation of differential reinforcement and it's advantages; the bonus parenting tools and spiritual parenting... so many positives here! Well done! You're work and presentation on this material is inspiring and comes through as a heartfelt, genuine gift for parents who struggle (all of us)! -- R.N. Licensed Therapist

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