Are you and your family living from inner values or outer control?

  • Live from Identity, Not for Identity

    We want children that make decisions based on who they KNOW they are versus WHAT others will think of them or do to them. We want children who will make good choices based FROM a positive identity/character, not operate FOR identity dependent on others approval/disapproval.

  • Build Moral Character and Maturity

    Just because children know right from wrong, does that mean they will do the right thing when no one is looking? A better way is to build positive character! This is the only guarantee that a parent can have that their child will become who they are destined to be in life.

  • Discover the Awe and Wonder of Life

    Bring your child's attention to the wonder and awe of the world. Help them recognize their own spiritual qualities and gifts. Create new experiences of faith, family, and culture. Let's start working on powerful children from the inside out instead of the outside in!

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    1. Your Inner Roadmap...

    2. 10 Spiritual Principles of Parenting

    3. Learning Right from Wrong!

    4. 3 Steps for Applying Kohlberg's Stages of Moral Development

    5. The Moral Development Rating Scale: Charting Your Spiritual Journey

    6. BONUS MEDITATION: “The Importance of Self-Compassion”

    1. Character Education is Child's Play

    2. Nurturing Faith in Children: A Guide for Parents

    3. The Six Stages of Faith Development

    4. BONUS MEDITATION: Stages of Faith

    1. Trauma Changes Your Identity

    2. A Coherent Narrative of Self / Meditation Practice

    3. Rewriting False Narratives

    4. Calling Out Spiritual Identity

    5. The Role of Spirituality in Coping with Trauma: A Path to Recovery and Resilience

    6. Journey to Post-Traumatic Growth: A Spiritual Meditation

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Special Bonus Section

  • Trauma and Your Child's Identity...

    Traumatic events can destroy your child's identity and create a hopeless mindset. This ecourse provides you will powerful tools to overcome hurts and renew hope in your child's heart and mind.

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