Divorce is Traumatic!

Stop denying the traumatic effects of divorce on the entire family. Start learning ways to increase cooperation and prevent your child from the mental health and behavioral conduct problems that high conflict creates. Stop focusing on what your ex is doing and concentrate on the tools you can use to build resiliency and hope. Start learning how to be "willing and able" to co-parent today.
Divorce is Traumatic!

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Do you want to become allies instead of adversaries?

* Co-Parenting Quadrant (D. Stacer, 2015)

What type of co-parent are you? What type is your ex? Are you both willing and able to parent cooperatively, let go of past resentments, work in the best interest of your child, and stop paying thousands of dollars in court fees?
Do you want to become allies instead of adversaries?

You are "willing and able" to parent cooperatively if you...

  • Communicate with my ex about parentings concerns without the use of "family wizard" and legal involvement.

  • Never slander the other parent in front of the children.

  • Encourage the children to have a safe and health relationship with the other parent.

  • Let go of resentments and anger to make a decisions that is agreeable to both parents.

  • Allow the other parent to parent in their own way and allow my child to have relationships with other people, include step parents and siblings.

  • Find creative ways the meet the needs of the children in the best way possible.

  • Can handle upsetting information about the other house without raging and threatening to call the lawyers!

  • Have children who feel comfortable talking with all the adults in their lives and can honestly report that "My parents are friends!"

Are you willing to learn and try?

Discover QUICK conflict resolution skills, how to determine what is in the best interest of your child, develop new tools for cooperative parenting, and stop the hurt and loss:

Co-Parenting that is Attachment-Based...

High-conflict parents who are not "willing or able" to cooperate may create insecurely attached children. Parents who are aware of their own attachment patterns are better able to break generational cycles and promote more empathic, resilient famlies/children.
Co-Parenting that is Attachment-Based...

Co-Parenting that is Trauma-Informed...

Ron Huxley is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with 30 years of experience working remotely on the Central Coast of California. Ron provides trauma-informed and attachment-based therapy and education. Being trauma-informed means that parents may have their own history of trauma. Trauma-informed practices recognize how early life incidents can negatively impact individuals' life and functioning. Co-parenting information that is trauma-sensitive breaks generational trauma, decreases triggering and reduces emotional reactivity.

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    Ron Huxley, LMFT

    I'm Ron Huxley, your lead Family Healer. I started FamilyHealer.tv in an effort to reach more families who are dealing with the challenges of Trauma, Anxiety, and Parenting. My personal mission is to provide Trauma-Informed tools for individuals and organizations that can empower and transform. I am a licensed Marriage and Family with 30+ years of experience as a Clinician, Mental Health Director, and Trauma-Informed Trainer. I have 4 adult children and 4 grandchildren (so far) and I was one of the earliest adopters of online education and therapy way before it was cool or acceptable. I believe that mental health issues are the next global pandemic and we are in desperate need of the tools necessary to stop the growing dilemma of toxic stress, fear, suicide, substance abuse, violence, and hatred our world is suffering. I have a strong personal faith and I bring powerful principles for inner healing to my work as an individual therapist/trainer and online courses. Don't worry, I don't preach but I do use some universal truths to help us heal body, mind, and spirit. I hope you enjoy this course...