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Anxiety disorders affect 25% of children in the United States and the rates of worry, fear, and anxiety are growing every day!

Children with anxiety disorders and related fears perform poorly at school, have problems finding and keeping friendships, and are at high risk of using substances!

Children who worry are not trying to be manipulative. It comes from a genetic predisposition, family dynamics, life experiences, and neurological issues.

The National Institute of Mental Health claims that anxiety is an easily treatable issue in children but most parents miss the common signs and symptoms and/or don't know what to do to help their children.

Big Worries: The Anxiety Toolbox is complete with powerful tools to help your child be calm, confident, and courageous over their anxiety and fears. 

Common Signs and Symptoms of Children's Anxiety

Does your child experience any of these signs? If so, you can benefit from the educational support of this ecourse. Learn new tools to parent an anxious or fearful child. Understand what causes these problems and how to increase your child's joy and learning.

  • Excessive worry most days of the week?

  • Trouble sleeping at night or sleepiness during the day?

  • Difficulty focusing or concentrating?

  • Excessive dread about going to school or attending social functions?

  • Frequent complaints about headaches, stomach aches or tension not related to any medical problem?

  • Nervous shaking of leg, tapping, biting lip, pinching skin, or facial tics?

  • Irrational fears that prevent them from doing normal every day tasks or social activities?

  • Repeated behaviors or persistent thoughts about things appear odd or out of their control?

The Anxiety Toolbox

will provide parents with specific tools to cope with children's big emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.

Parents need specific tools to deal with the troublesome issues of big worries, fears, and anxiety. Anxiety can be managed but parents need guidance to will help support their children. Use modern, practical steps distilled from clinical research and neuroscience today!

What's included in the Anxiety Toolbox:

    1. Breaking The Anxiety Cycle

    2. Breaking the Cycle of Worry and Fear in Children

    3. How NOT To Pass Anxiety On To Your Children

    4. "Removing the Sail": Regulating your child's routines

    5. Developing Your Child's Emotional IQ

    6. Explaining Executive Function Skills to Children

    7. Your Child's Gut-Brain Connection

    8. A Healthy Gut is a Happy Gut!

    9. NEW: C.O.A.C.H. your child through medical or health anxiety

    1. NeuroResilience: Regulating the Nervous System

    2. Breathing and Relaxation Exercises

    3. Grounding Exercises

    4. Regulation of Movement with Brain Gym

    5. Brain Breaks (Breathing Exercises)

    6. Before I Pop

    7. Be Calm Regulation Activity

    8. Think Feel Act

    9. Root Yourself in Regulation

    1. What Makes You Anxious?

    2. 8 Helpful Things (Strategies) To Say To An Anxious Child

    3. 8 Things to Say PDF (Downloadable)

    4. What to put in a Calm Down Box

    5. Visualizing Your Calm Place

    6. Teach Your Child To Be A Worry Warrior and a Fear Fighter

    7. Have a Slice of Panic Pizza

    8. Panic Pizza Exercise

    9. Anxiety and Brain Focus

    10. S.T.O.P.P. Anxiety Today!

    11. S.T.O.P.P. Anxiety PDF

    12. CBT for kids worksheet

    13. Anxiety Coping Cards

    14. Circle of Control

    15. Saying Goodbye to Mom

    16. Saying Goodbye to Dad

    17. The Worry Jar

    18. School Anxiety

    19. Talking About My Worries (5 Finger Friends)

    1. Understanding Exposure Therapy Prevention (ERP)

    2. Parents OCD Exposures and Hierarchy Worksheet

    3. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Types and Treatments

    4. Obsessive Compulsive Symptom List (for use with thermometer)

    5. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Thermometer

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