Why Would You Hack Your Nervous System?

To “hack” is to change the root program to make something more effecient and powerful. Hacking our nervous system means to rewire our anxious, traumatized thoughts and emotions so we can live more successfully. It is a clinical proven, healing strategy for anyone suffers from worry, fear, stress, panic, or post-traumatic triggers.

  • 10% of the population suffer from Post-traumatic stress disorders. 1 in 8 adults describes having weekly panic attacks and on-going social anxiety that ruin relationships, destroy careers, and create disease and finally death. Hacking your nervous system will start you on the road to healing and recovery.

  • Most people who suffer from anxiety and trauma can't use traditional talk therapy or behavioral tools provided by professionals. This is because their nervous systems are hyper or hypo aroused and need to be regulated first!

  • Children cannot learn in school. Adults can't focus at work. People can't seem to function without mood-altering drugs or prescriptions. Why is this a growing problem in society? Use natural, powerful tools to find inner peace and harmony.

What is NeuroResilence?

Hacking Your Nervous System and Bringing Balance to Your Brain and Body

Course Curriculum

Tools from our Trauma Toolbox and Freedom From Anxiety Programs:

    1. Why Should You "Hack Your Nervous System"?

    2. Your Body Is A Brain

    3. Did you wake up in a mood? Use your morning cortisol for creativity

    4. 5 Brain Hacks to Build Your Belief in Yourself

    5. 3 Simple Steps to Reprogram Your Mind

    1. NeuroResilience: Regulating the Nervous System

    2. NeuroResilience and the Window of Tolerance

    3. The Window of Tolerance

    4. Window of Tolerance Worksheet

    5. The Window of Tolerance (Audio)

    6. The Safe Place: Finding Your Place of Safety and Rest

    7. The Safe Place (Audio)

    8. BONUS: Emotional Regulation Activities for Kids

    1. The Butterfly Hug

    2. The Butterfly Hug Manual

    3. The Butterfly Hug (Audio)

    1. Chopping Anxiety Out Of Your Life

    2. Chopping Anxiety Out Of Your Life Manual

    3. Chopping Anxiety (Audio)

    1. Hacking The Nervous System: The Head + Heart Connection

    2. Hacking The Nervous System: The Head + Heart Connection (Audio)

    3. Hacking The Nervous System: The Vagus Nerve

    4. Hacking The Vagus Nerve (Audio)

    5. The Science of Safety - PolyVagal Infographics

    1. Compassionate Heart Practices and the Nervous System

    2. Review of the Mindful Self-Compassion Workbook

    3. Common Self-Compassion Obstacles

    4. The Ultimate Self-Compassionate Question

    5. The Trauma Champions Newsletter

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5 star rating

hacking nervous system

bruce frost


4 star rating

Hacking your nervous system

Louise Mendez

5 star rating

Understanding Trauma and the Brain

Alana Moses

Very thoroughly and clear information on trauma and the brain. The material provided only enhanced what was spoken about trauma informed care.

Very thoroughly and clear information on trauma and the brain. The material provided only enhanced what was spoken about trauma informed care.

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