Journey on the Road to Resilience

  • Discover New Paradigms of Trauma-Informed Care.

  • Explore the Science of Resilience!

  • Overcome Toxic Stress and Regulate the Nervous System.

Trauma Tools for the Home

  • Discover Healing Strategies for Hurting Children.

  • Build Power-FULL Families.

  • Manage Emotional Dysregulation and Create Resilient Youth.

Trauma Tools for the School

  • Design Safe Place for Students!

  • Create Emotionally Regulated Classrooms.

  • Help Traumatized Children Learn and Focus.

Trauma Tools for the Community

  • Build resilient communities based on modern scientific principles.

  • Colloborate with stakeholders to guard against toxic stress and trauma.

  • Discover innovate programs and services across the nation that give survivors a voice in their own treatment needs.

Trauma-Informed Contemplations

  • Engage the day with mindful contemplations that heal the body, mind, and spirt.

  • Expand compassion for yourself and for others who suffer from trauma.

  • Let go of unhealthy attachments and judgements in life.

Course curriculum