Are you tired of nagging for attention, feeling resentful towards your partner, and shutting down with anger and discouragement?

  • Relationships need to grow and change to thrive!

    Use exclusive workbooks to build your skills as a couple. It doesn't matter how young or old you are, you can use some work...This course can be used for premarital and well as couples married for several decades! The Art and science of couples are ready for you.

  • Attachment is The Problem

    Couples come with complaints about lack of communication and struggles with intimacy but the real problem is attachment. Couples bring the baggage of childhood wounds that can destroy relationships.

  • Understanding and the Right Tools

    How do you forgive betrayal? What is the trick to sexual intimacy? How can you put more fun into the relationship? Where is the balance between family, work, and self-care? Learn new tools for happier, healthier relationships.

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Therapy is limited to residents of California, USA only.

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  • Ron Huxley, LMFT

    Lead Family Healer

    Ron Huxley, LMFT

    Ron Huxley is a dynamic and innovative educator. He travels internationally training parents and professionals on how to find more freedom and joy in their lives. He is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, in private practice, on the Central Coast of California, USA with almost three decades of experience.Ron blogs on trauma-informed care and inner healing at and he is the author of the book "Love and Limits: Achieving a Balance in Parenting", "101 Parenting Tools: Building the Family of Your Dreams" and the ebook "Living Abundantly." He has appeared on numerous radio and television shows as an expert in the field of mental health and trauma-informed care. Follow Ron on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.