Freedom From Anxiety

An Integrative Approach for Healing Panic, Worry, Fear and Anxiety

FACT: Anxiety and depression are the biggest causes of disability in the developed world. One in five Americans suffers from some type of diagnosable anxiety disorder, such as generalized anxiety, panic, agoraphobia, post-traumatic stress, and obsessive-compulsive disorders. Eighty-five percent of sufferers never get any help!

FACT: Between 50 and 75% of all visits to primary-care doctors in the United State are related to stress or unresolved emotional upsets. 

FACT: Anxiety is 2x more likely in women than in men. 

FACT: Another 60 to 100 million people struggle with addictions and toxic lifestyles and mental health disorders!

FACT: Almost everyone else is nervous or worried about something every single day of their life!

FACT: Anxiety can destroy relationships, sabotage job opportunities, and ruin your physical and mental health. 

This doesn't have to be you! You can walk confidently in social situations at school and at work; live without fear of a panic attack; find that intimate relationship you desire; sleep peacefully knowing you have a positive future waiting for you. 

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Anxiety is a state of excessive fear, worry, or dread that makes daily function hard if not impossible. 

Stressful events in our lives overwhelm us and our body and brains begin to adopt strategies to protect us but they can send false signals that cause us to isolate and avoid fearful situations. 

To find your freedom, we have to start with the body and then move to managing the mind and finally empower our spirit and sustain a life of continual freedom. It can be done...

1. Calm your body/brain

This is the first and primary area of the freedom. You will learn the concept of "NeuroResilience: Anxiety proofing your nervous system. 

Most anxiety interventions fail because the brain and body are overriding the rational thoughts and deflecting the behavioral strategies we attempt to use. In this section, you will learn the secrets of hacking the nervous system and using the bodies natural "rest and digest" processes to turn off the false alarms and irrational danger signals. 

2. Create new mental perspectives

After you have ensured that your body and brain register "safety" again, you can implement more cognitive skills. This is covered in the section on "Rethink: Creating new perspectives for Freedom." 

Learn how to deal with various anxiety disorders: 

Panic Attacks

Generalized Anxiety/Worry



Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders

Social Anxiety

You will build new ideas on how to balance acceptance and change from Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and terminate the ANTs or Automatic Negative Thoughts that pester you day and night based on traditional Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. 

3. Empower our Spirit and Sustain your anxiety free life.

It's one thing to gain your Freedom but it is another to sustain it over the course of your life. You didn't work this hard to just watch it all go away, did you? 

This program will provide a path of inner peace and renewable hope.  


The integration of body, mind, and spirit is the programs most unique feature. This is what we call the "TriUnity Model of Freedom." Achieving balance in all areas of ours lives will create a maximum level of breakthrough!

You can form an IDENTITY free from ruminating thoughts, overwhelming social situations, and emotional "dis-ease".  

You will get unstuck as you re-evaluate inner peace, loving yourself and others, and forgiving!

Traditional mental health wants us to focus on our thoughts and behaviors. They rarely incorporate the benefits of inner healing and neuroscience to the complex issue of anxiety. 

Why not have all the freedom you deserve? 

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Course Curriculum

You get access to all the material FOREVER and you can do it at your own pace, from the convenience of your home or office. No need to wait! Do it fast or do it slowly and do it over and over again until get the FREEDOM you were designed to experience. 

Plus you get several BONUSES if you act today...

  1. Developing Your Child's Emotional IQ.
  2. How NOT to pass anxiety on to your children.
  3. Create a SAFER HOME for your family.
  4. Discover how Your Body Is A Brain.
  5. Learn to have a Healthy Gut/Happy Brain.
  6. The PolyVagel Theory.
  7. And more added monthly...

All of this has a lifetime benefit as you get to use it now and for the rest of your life!

Ron Huxley, LMFT
Ron Huxley, LMFT
Lead Family Healer

About the instructor

Ron Huxley is a dynamic and innovative educator. He travels internationally training parents and professionals on how to find more freedom and joy in their lives. He is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, in private practice, on the Central Coast of California, USA with almost three decades of experience.

Ron blogs on trauma-informed care and inner healing at and he is the author of the book "Love and Limits: Achieving a Balance in Parenting", "101 Parenting Tools: Building the Family of Your Dreams" and the ebook "Living Abundantly." He has appeared on numerous radio and television shows as an expert in the field of mental health and trauma-informed care. 

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