Total Family Makeover: From the Inside Out!

Isn't it time to make some changes in your most important relationships!

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If you are not living in the family of your dreams then it is time to start transforming it from the inside out!

Stop trying to manage behavior and start restoring the HEART with these Power-FULL Parenting Courses:

1. The Art and Science of Creating Better Behaved Children in 24 Hours!

2. The Full-Proof Family Meeting: How to Create Teamwork, Build Self-Esteem, and Have More Fun!

3. Parenting Styles: Balancing Love and Limits.

4. Spiritual Parenting: Developing Strong Character in Your Children.

You could spend hours and a LOT of money on attempting to "fix" everyone...You could keep on trying to control, manipulate, threaten, bribe, or just shut down emotionally.


You could use these tools - proven with thousands of parents over 3 decades of family therapy experience - to rebuild and restore your home to a place of peace and joy.

This is normally an $80 for only $69.99!

Let's do this!

Total Family Makeover: From the Inside Out! includes these courses

The Trauma-Informed "Better Behavior" Program
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Parenting Styles
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Spiritual Parenting
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The FoolProof Family Meeting
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